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I have experience in layout design, print, creative concepting, branding and packaging, all of which I acquired through college and my time working at an agency.

About Natalie Sarkissian

I am a 25 year-old born and raised in sunny Southern California. I am a recent BFA graduate from California State University, Long Beach. When I’m not in working on graphic design, I love to bake and try out new recipes. Fashion has also always been a big love of mine and I enjoy keeping up with trends and expressing myself through my personal style.

I aim to design works that are not just beautiful but also innovative and adaptive. In my designs I strive to incorporate many different artistic fields, and perspectives producing well-rounded pieces. I would describe my style as minimal and feminine, but I am constantly pushing myself to create out of my comfort zone. I have a deep-rooted interest in all forms of art, and graphic design is a way for me to express my creativity in a professional environment.

My latest projects

My Latest Projects


Amazon Music AMBIES Podcast Awards nominees

Mobile and desktop assets created for Amazon Music in promotion of the AMBIES podcast awards. 

*created while working for an agency

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Spring Direct Mail

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